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About the project

As a multimedia artist, I have been evolved into digital art and aesthetics for several years. I keep questioning myself of how I can use NFTs for my own artistic projects. Especially regarding new forms of presentation, NFTs offer artists a new opportunity to store their work digitally in the blockchain. This makes it possible to provide digital works of art and creative projects with a certificate of authenticity and thus make them accessible to a broader audience.


Creators can now turn their work into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) themselves, creating a certificate on the blockchain that proves the authenticity of the file as (original).

Everything you need to know about NFTs

More Infos about NFT’s

NFT-Collection | BW I – VIII | The MetaCoin Collection

The NFT collection BW I – VIII consists of 8 worldwide-renowned inventors from the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. 

BW I – Karl Drais
BW II – Gottlieb Daimler
BW III – Wilhelm Maybach
BW IV – Carl Benz
BW V – Bertha Benz
BW VI – Robert Bosch
BW VII – Graf Zeppelin
BW VIII – Margarete Steiff

Further developments of the project

The project can be expanded through further NFT collections. For example, with other collections by internationally renowned personalities from society, business, politics, music, and art.

Video Presentation

The collection BW I – VIII was presented in a 5-minute multimedia video presentation. With the invention of Drais‘ running machine, the car and the Zeppelin, the world was literally set in motion. This great achievements were all addressed in the presentation to remind us of how innovations from Baden-Württemberg have made our state one of the most successful regions in the world. Therefore, one NFT in the form of a digital coin/medal has been created for each personality.

Research – How To Mint NFTs
So far, my research shows, that the future might belong to more energy-friendly, blockchain-based art trading platforms.

Some NFTs from the collection MetaCoins – German Inventors BW I – VIII have been minted on a trial basis using various blockchain-based art trading platforms such as https://solsea.io, https://www.artion.io and https://www.mintable.app.

OpenSea currently offers cross-blockchain support for Polygon (MATIC). Polygon uses a multichain blockchain that enables faster and cheaper transactions, which can be attributed to the more energy-friendly consensus mechanism (PoS) Proof-of-Stake.

Link to the currently minted NFT collection BW I – VIII on OpenSea.

The project was funded with a grant from the Ministry for Science, Research and Arts of Baden-Württemberg.